Who We Are

My name is Bradley Stilwell. I have been a mens style blogger for nearly 20 years now. It has always been my passion to help other dudes look better through hair innovation and I have started this blog with that aim.

meI grew up in Portland, Oregon and really enjoyed going to get my haircut when I was 5 years old. I used to watch what the barber would do, play with his tools, and see how he did it. I would beg my mom to stick around after my haircut to watch other people get their hair cut, and see what style they like. In the 80’s I Grew out a bad-ass afro as well, which was one of my crowning achievements.

It wasnt until later in life that I worked for Paul Mitchell Hair Products. John Paul Dejoria is still one of my favorite people on planet earth, and his innovation in haircare will be in the history books! But all in all, I had a fantasit expeirience as employee # 100 at the company, and I became top salesmen at teh company in less than 2 years. I learned so much and attribute a vast amount of my sucesss to that company.

That is my life story- But, I want to hear all about you also! Hit us up!

Hairgenius@morpho.com or bradleystilwell@gmail.com

Phone: 888-090-6456