Square Up!

hairlineThere is a new service out recently that I think you need to know about! Its call Square Up and I think it might be that next best thing that is going to change haircuts for the time being. When you think about the haircut, you want to know how someone is going to come in and disrupt an industry ripe for the picking! First of all, there are barber shops and franchised hair companies, such as Supercuts, that charge an arm and a leg for a goddamn haircut! This will not last. But also, the hair innovation article I’ve explained earlier, will be the distant future and we can’t expect perfect hair cutting stations until at least 10-20 years from now. Even still, I don’t think the adoption will be instant.

So whats next!?!?! Its called Square Cuts, and it’s probably coming to a place near you! What is it? Well for you guys out there, you know how when you go and get a haircut, it feels great for about 1-2 weeks, then something weirdly happens after that time. Your hair starts to grow again! You go to look at your hair in the mirror…You see that the front, top length and sides seems to be fine and you could live with it for awhile. The real mess happens when you bust out the smaller mirror and look at the back of your head in the mirror. You are taken aback. The little surprise on the back of your head is frilly curls that erupt below your back hairline- also known as neck hair in the back, and “neard” in the front. This hair is always the first to grow back in and make your new cut look old, and it’s always the hardest to trim on your own. You need special mirrors, a buzzer, and nearly pop your shoulder out trying to reach the area afflicted whilst also trying not to slip and gouge a shawn-kemp flare into the back. Well now there’s a better solution. For $3-5, this company called squared up will drop by your house and give you a quick back of the head cut, and that’s it! No full haircuts here! They are the perfect solution to do that for you! They are a great transportation service, yet also you can get a haircut along the way!

Not only will they take care of this problem for you, but they have a physical product you can buy, that will slow back of the next hair growth! You can also get laser hair removal and pay thousands of dollars, or buy there product for about $20. They are also in the process of developing an automatic neck buzzer guide. How it works is they have a malleable wire like guide that you hang on your ears, you turn it on and push down. It cuts a clean neck hairline slice for you! Then you can use the guide to get the rest around the area. How clever huh?

Just another incredible thought in the area of hair innovation that we love to bring you. Our next post is going to be about how you can eat better for hair health, and some natural alternative secrets to the healthiest hair around. Also, don’t forget about our Halloween giveaway extravaganza, in which we will be giving away a whole host of prizes, including Laser Hair removal coupons and more!