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So hair is really an incredible thing. We are one of many animals that has it, but why is our hair different than others? Some of us have soft hair
, so thick and brushy, some long and wiry, some curly and hard. Why are they different and why do we all have different hair?… And the things that we have to make our hair become a totally different style, are on the move! How can you take one hair style and make it look another? There are a few key natural health benefits to healthy, smooth and strong hair, that most people don’t know… Here is what is the most interesting!

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Dandruff is a myth:Haircuts

So, everyone knows that white stuff that seems to fall from your hair, right? Well everybody knows that it is indeed dry skin… But why do we have it, how does it get there and how can we prevent it further?

Everyone thinks that we get dandruff because we wash our hair too much. That is just plain wrong. We get dandruff because we wash our hair too little! Our scalp gets too dry because we don’t wash all of the shampoo from our scalp and penetrate hard enough. You are better off showering more and using shampoo 1 out of every 3 times, because the next 2 times, you will completely wash out the rest of the soap and get down to the scalp. You also need to massage down to your scalp, especially if you have super thick hair!

Try this instead: Tea Tree Oils and Apple Cider Vinegar

These things are crucial in leveling the PH for your scalp. You skin, when dead is unattractive white powder. If you pour about one handful of apple cider vinegar into your hair, once per week, will make your hair feel luxurious. It is because the vinegar, has a lot of acid and penetrates the moisture into the scalp. tea tree oils do the same thing. the tea tree produces a tingly, numb feeling on the scalp. You will never have dandruff after this.

Here’s another thing- Thicken your hair more too!

Use Fiber and wax more! Found naturally in bee hives, and the fiber found in plant roots, can be massaged into your scalp and into your hair regularly to actually make it thicker. If you suffer from thinning hair, you should really think about these options, far more so than things like rogaine. Rogaine has chemicals that will actually harm your scalp the more you use it. It forces growth in your hair follicles, when it shouldn’t. You need to thicken your existing hair first…