The Nail In The Coffin

innoThe next best thing that we can do as people, in terms of making the world a better place (at least for our hair), is have better services than super cuts, to manage how we cut our hair. You should see the previous post on how I think the future will go. But what about the step before. Surely, nobody is gonna go downtown and sit in a cube to get their haircut, for a few years.

But what really is next? What will happen in the future, is there will be innovation in the hair-cut industry. I think that some company will form, and present a better option for the consumer. There will be a mobile haircutting business- it will cut down on much of the overhead of a physical location. Also, it will be much more efficient pricing. Currently, places like supercuts make their money from things like selling hair gel to clients. I think that there will be more flexibility, and a membership model for haircuts, allowing for a certain amount/month- but you can go in and get touch ups.

Plus, any barber who has been in business for a while, knows that it take about 5 haircuts, to get used to a person’s head and give them the cuts that they prefer. Regular clientele is a thing of the past, but it won’t be much longer. Some enterprising individual will eventually realize that it’s cheaper to buy a box truck, put an air conditioning system in it (trick it out a bit) and go to people’s houses and give t hem a haircut in the truck.

They will be able to have power and everything they need. Imagine a pricing model in which you will ping the barber on an app, they will schedule it, and show up at your house, cut your hair,up to 3 times a month, for a membership fee. Hell, maybe they even throw in a close shave or a bear trim for a certain membership bump.


We need to be ready for things like this in the hair industry. Not only do we have to push forward in the industry of hair growth, technology and laser treatment, but we have to take a keen eye on the opposite as well. the reason is because with the emerging technology on that end, we may see trends develop over time on the opposite, and we must be aware.

Next week blogs, we will have our featured hair stylist, Malcom Jacks, a professional stylist for celebrities in New York. He will go into detail about how to find the right cut, for the right head. Also, in terms of waxing and other hair removal methods, he delves into Manscaping for men- you read it right, Manscaping. Its becoming a trend, (and quickly) in hollywood for guys to need regular wax manscaping. More on all of this next week!