Hair Innovation

As you know, we are passionate about hair. Thats why we are here. We want to bring men and women across the US, the most pristine and perfect hairlines possible, and we’re here today to discuss innovation in the field.

That being said, so of the more hair inclined folk out there, can have the opposite problem. You upside to being bald, was that you didn’t need to maintain your hair. For really hairy people, thats not that case. In comes the most innovative machine to ever exist- Auto-hair machine.

Girl_under_hair_dryer,_1958In discussing the future, we want to gauge how far away we are from automatic hair-cutting machines. Picture this: You are sitting at home, running your fingers through your hair, contemplating getting a haircut. You get in your Google Self-Driving car, and punch in where you want to go.  The car drives you 2 miles away to a nearby building. It is a really small room, about 10 x 10.

You walk into the front door. In the room, is 5 machines, that somewhat resemble barbers chairs with hair-domes on the end. You sit in one and swipe your smartphone to pay. You make a selection on a hologram screen that you want your hair to look like. You will be able to customize certain parts of your hair as well. Then, the helmet will drop down. Using magnetism, static electricity and exact measurements, the hair globe would lower down over your head and mold to it. It would spray your hair with water, and latch on. Using laser hair burning technology, your hair would be burned off from your head, creating the exact cut that you wanted in about 5 minutes. What do you think about that? When we talk about hair science, these are the things we are talking about. We want you to be more than ready for this technology, and we want to be the ones bringing it to you.