Hair Gel Hell

What kind of hair gel do you use? My former employer Paul Mitchell. If so, great choice. But, there is a lot of debate about what constitutes as good hair gel. In this post we want to explore the different types, new fragrances and less toxic alternatives.gel

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil, from the Tea Tree, in France, is a new and trendy additive in todays modern hair products. It is included in most hair care products because it has a great feeling (it often leaves people with a silky smooth scalp, and clean tingling feeling that lasts for awhile after applied). most men tend to prefer more liquid hair gels, so this solution should do the trick. The fragrance is something that will intensify in the nostrils, and it has a pungent odor and its pleasure is amplified if mint leaves are added.


So everyone always wonder if the fiber, much like that present in Crew fiber gels, i actually fiber. The answer is unequivocally yes. It is a low grade plant fiber that is ground up into powder in processing plants. When mixed with a variety of gums that will help the hold, it helps strengthen the hair and scalp. many people love this type of strong hold as well- most typically with people that have really light hair as it is . The general rule is that if you have thicker hair, you are going to want thinner gelatin.

Ryan Reynolds once spoke of the incredibly hold of his fiber hair gel. He was riding with his chauffeur in Providence , RI with his head out the window.He said this after the experience- “I can’t believe my hair isn’t all over the place right now…This fiber hold is incredibly strong, and my hair doesn’t feel grimy- its weird”.

What new organic solutions are arising?



Vinnies is a great natural and organic hair gel. It has 3 types of holds- Strong (liek the crew fiber), medium and light (the light is almost like water, it is not very viscous). What makes Vinnies special. It is made with an apple cider vinegar blend that when applied, will give the user the most clean feeling on their scalp, you have ever felt. Not only this, but the clean feeling holds because of the quality of the gel it is used with. The gelatin is a natural gum tree root mixture, which goes perfectly with it. Check it out…

Porter’s Brand

Porters is a long standing company that made its debut in the fragrance market. The key to their breakthrough into the hair gel market, is their clever use of essential oils. To be continued here…..